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Gelato this tasty should be accessible to all! That’s why Joe Delucci’s are proud to be vegan dessert suppliers so that everyone can enjoy the finest in Italian desserts, regardless of their dietary preferences or requirements.
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Veganism is rising in popularity and is showing no sign of slowing down. In fact, according to the Vegan Society, there is a steady year-on-year increase in the number of individuals participating in trends such as Veganuary, which sees people across the globe erase animal products from their diets for January. Research indicates that over 620,000 individuals participated in the aforementioned food trend, with the UK population being the most significant purveyors of veganism according to Google search statistics.

Why is vegan ice cream popular?

Many people choose vegan options from a moral standpoint, as they believe that the consumption of animal products is not necessary to pursue a healthy diet, whilst others might follow a vegan diet due to intolerances, health problems, personal preference or for cultural reasons. As a vegan dessert supplier, we believe that everybody should have access to moments of indulgence, whatever their preferences or dietary requirements, hence the production of our wide range of tasty vegan gelato flavours. Our gelato offers those following a vegan diet the opportunity to treat themselves to something nostalgic and sweet, that doesn’t require them to compromise on flavour! Better yet, our gelato and sorbet products are far healthier than traditional ice cream, with ice cream typically being higher in calories, fat and sugar than its authentic Italian counterpart. As such, Joe Delucci’s products are a fantastic way for those who are health-conscious or following a specific diet to enjoy the best in premium cold desserts, without compromising their health or morals.

The Importance of dessert variety

Even for those visiting your establishment who don’t follow a vegan diet, having vegan-friendly options on your menu makes your business feel inclusive and accommodating, as well as easily recommendable to individuals with a range of dietary requirements and preferences. What’s more, a recent study revealed that 46% of the UK’s population has considered restricting their consumption of animal products, which makes the demand for vegan options much higher. Therefore, setting yourself up as a vegan-friendly establishment can help you stay ahead of this accelerating trend.

However, having every possible flavour of gelato under the sun on offer may be very overwhelming, which is why we’ve curated a concise and carefully selected collection of wholesale vegan ice cream options for you to choose from. After all, too much choice can be a burden for your customers! Our 40 distinctive gelato flavours are comprised of vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and regular options to suit every possible set of taste buds, whilst simultaneously catering to a variety of dietary requirements.

At Joe Delucci’s, we’re passionate about making our gelato accessible to everyone – after all, we believe we sell the best authentic Italian gelato this side of Lake Como, and we want everybody to experience the products we have spent so long perfecting. Our business was born from a desire to provide our existing client base with a product that they simply couldn’t get enough of, and we understand that each of our customers have different tastes, preferences and requirements, hence our aim to create a gelato flavour for everyone. Everybody deserves to enjoy life’s little luxuries!

That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of wholesale vegan gelato options that ensure your vegan clientele can get in on the deluccious action, without straying from their dietary preferences.

Introducing Joe Delucci’s Wholesale Vegan Ice Cream

So, which of Joe Delucci’s famous flavours are suitable for vegans?

We are delighted to be offering vegan sorbet options, such as Lemon, Mango and Pineapple, to our customers, allowing everyone to indulge in our delightfully refreshing palette cleaners. Similarly, our Mint Chocolate Chip and Dark Chocolate gelato options allow vegans to enjoy the richest of creamy chocolate flavours without worrying about the consumption of animal products, namely dairy, which are typically involved in the manufacture of cocoa-based confectionery. Even our cult classic Coconut gelato is vegan-friendly, allowing everyone the chance to explore the tropical taste of our most sought-after product.

Blood Orange

Blood Orange, Lemon and Carrot

Dark Chocolate

Fruits of the Forest



Mint Chocolate Chip





Vegan Coconut

What dietary options do Joe Delucci’s cater to?

Besides catering to our vegan clientele with a vast range of flavours that do not contain animal products, we’ve made sure to create flavours that are suitable for those with other dietary requirements. All 40 of our tasty flavours are vegetarian, but please contact us to see our full range of gelato that is suitable for those with allergies and intolerances to nuts, soya, gluten, egg and dairy products.

Hundreds of dessert shops and restaurant groups across the UK trust Joe Delucci’s gelato to provide the best scoops of authentic Italian deliciousness this side of Lake Como. If you’re looking for a vegan dessert supplier with gelato that blows your customers away, and keeps them coming back for more, contact us using the form below. For any of our other services – from additional serving tools, freezers and dessert supplies and equipment – we’d also be delighted to help!

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“Working with JD’s has been incredibly beneficial to our business, not only do they provide a first-class gelato, they also support the whole back office set up ensuring stock and staff levels are 100% correct and full at all times. The team are always available to assist with last-minute solutions if required. I am in no doubt, that the branding and theatre of the JD’s retail carts, has helped us achieve in excess of a 200% better revenue than forecast. We will definitely continue to build and expand our JD’s offering going forward!”

– General Sales Manager (The Shard)

“You can really taste the fresh and natural ingredients that go into all of Joe Delucci’s creations, and their range of non-dairy and gluten-free products is absolutely fantastic!”

– Executive Head Chef (The Alchemist Bars & Restaurants)

“A big thank you to all at Joe Delucci’s for making the difference in our pubs. Great feedback and a point of difference for our customers. Love the product.”

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