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Looking for a high-quality, reliable UK wholesale food supplier? Joe Delucci's provides wholesale gelato, sorbet, ice cream and dessert supplies for leading food and beverage businesses across the UK.
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Searching for wholesale food suppliers to provide your eatery with premium sweet treats your customers will love? With a selection of gelato, sorbets, brownies and much more, Joe Delucci’s is able to provide your business with confectionary delicacies that your visitors will come back for time and time again. In fact, that’s precisely why we founded Joe Delucci’s – having run a reputable Italian restaurant for many years, we began to notice that our dessert offerings were stealing the show, and thus our specialty gelato brand was formed! We aim to delight your customers in the same way by providing them with a dessert experience that will keep bringing them through your doors for years to come.

Trusted wholesale italian food suppliers 

Supplying authentic Italian gelato to leading restaurant groups, dessert parlours, hotels and other food and beverage outlets across the UK.

As the chosen wholesale food supplier for hundreds of businesses across the UK, Joe Delucci’s is one of the most trusted and renowned purveyors of fine foods across the country. Whether you’re running a bustling hotel business, searching for the perfect wholesale Italian food supplier for your restaurant, or looking to upgrade your dessert offerings at your dessert parlour – Joe Delucci’s has an option for you!

The expertly crafted authentic Italian gelato is made in Italy using traditional methods, giving our desserts a sense of luxury you can truly taste. Every scoop has been lovingly made to provide your customers with the ultimate Italian experience, transporting them to the beauty of Lake Como with each bite.

Wholesale Food Suppliers That Go Above And Beyond

At Joe Delucci’s, we do far more than simply supply gelato to our customers. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive selection of offerings that make your job easier: whether you’re shopping for ice cream cones and tubs, looking to offer some sprinkles, or hoping to expand your dessert offerings with additional products such as brownies or macarons, we can help. In short, we go above and beyond your ordinary wholesale food supplier.

Our vast range of products varies from weird and wonderful flavours to confectionary classics, as well as carefully crafted vegan, dairy-free and fat-free options to suit ever set of taste buds. We also supply a range of exquisite sorbets that allow businesses to cater to those with various food intolerances and preferences, with each scoop packed with fruit and natural goodness that you’ll feel proud to serve.

Wholesale Ice Cream - Restaurant Group

Wholesale food supplier for Restaurant groups

Joe Delucci’s can work with you and your team to put together a bespoke package of flavours and dessert supplies to suit your requirements and budget. Our delicious gelato is served in a number of well-known restaurant chains across the UK and works perfectly as an accompaniment to your dessert menu or as a standalone dish that is sure to delight your customers and keep them coming back for more. If you’re looking for a wholesale food supplier to provide gelato for your restaurant group get in touch today.

Wholesale Ice Cream - Dessert Parlour

Wholesale food supplier For UK Dessert Shops

Running a UK dessert parlour or cafe or thinking of opening a store? Joe Delucci’s gelato is the ideal option to serve your customers a range of delicious flavours that cater to various dietary requirements and preferences. All 40 of our flavours are vegetarian and we have a number of vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free gelatos and sorbets. We can help make your establishment a success, with years of experience working with venues like yours to create exceptional desserts! Get in touch today to see how we can help you delight your customers.

The story of Joe Delucci's - locations

Wholesale food supplier for hotels and eateries

Joe Delucci’s can operate as a wholesale food supplier for all types of eateries across the UK, including hotels, bars and event venues. With extensive experience working with large corporate clients, single-site food and beverage outlets and independent establishments, we’re well-equipped to help you serve memorable, delicious desserts, whatever the size of your business. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you build a successful dessert menu that appeals to your customers and increases sales for your business, get in touch today!


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Over 70 million scoops of ice cream served!!!

All 40+ flavours are

Vegetarian Ice Cream Supplier

our range of wholesale Gelato & sorbets also includes

Fat Free Ice Cream Supplier
Vegan Ice Cream Supplier
Non Dairy Ice Cream Supplier
Gluten Free Ice Cream Supplier

“Working with JD’s has been incredibly beneficial to our business, not only do they provide a first-class gelato, they also support the whole back office set up ensuring stock and staff levels are 100% correct and full at all times. The team are always available to assist with last-minute solutions if required. I am in no doubt, that the branding and theatre of the JD’s retail carts, has helped us achieve in excess of a 200% better revenue than forecast. We will definitely continue to build and expand our JD’s offering going forward!”

– General Sales Manager (The Shard)

“You can really taste the fresh and natural ingredients that go into all of Joe Delucci’s creations, and their range of non-dairy and gluten-free products is absolutely fantastic!”

– Executive Head Chef (The Alchemist Bars & Restaurants)

“A big thank you to all at Joe Delucci’s for making the difference in our pubs. Great feedback and a point of difference for our customers. Love the product.”

– Owner (Lovely Pubs Group)

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