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Upgrade your dessert menu with joe delucci's exceptional products! From gelato to sorbets, brownies to macarons - your customers will be spoiled for choice.
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More Than Just Gelato

At Joe Delucci’s, we understand that our customers don’t just want gelato (although we must admit, our gelato is enough to satiate any sweet tooth!), and that your menus offer more variation than just ice cream. That’s why we provide far more than just gelato – we are proud to serve sorbets, brownies and macarons to our customers, making us a one-stop shop for all of your dessert needs. Better yet, Joe Delucci’s is able to provide customers with all of the additional resources they need to make their dessert offerings shine. From ice cream cones to tubs, sprinkles and flakes, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive array of products to make ordering your wholesale desserts a breeze. We even stock gelato for different allergens and dietary requirements – from fat-free options, to gluten-free delights and vegan varieties, there’s something for everyone. There’s no excuse to miss dessert with Joe Delucci’s on the menu!

 Premium desserts, the italian way

Outstanding ingredients + artisan methods = maximum impact on your tastebuds

Purchasing desserts in bulk shouldn’t mean that you compromise on quality or authenticity. Every single mouthful of sweet treats should bring joy to your customers, leave a lasting impression, and make them want to come back for more.

That’s why Joe Delucci’s are proud to supply only the finest gelato and other dessert products made utilising artisan methods in the heart of Italy. Our team of chefs located just a stone’s throw from Lake Como carefully create each batch of our exquisite gelato to create quality you can truly taste. It’s no wonder 8 out of 10 people prefer Joe Delucci’s! 

Why Buy Desserts Wholesale?

Purchasing dessert wholesale is extremely beneficial for businesses that sell a high quantity of sweet treats day in, day out. Wholesale dessert suppliers are able to provide your business with regular deliveries of your customer’s favourite puddings to keep your fridges and freezers stocked at all times, making sure you always have something tasty to serve to your guests. What’s more, purchasing dessert wholesale allows you to cut your costs per unit, meaning that you purchase products that are the best value for money and maximise the profits you make with each sale.

UK Dessert Supplier For Restaurant

Wholesale desserts for Restaurant groups

Make your restaurant menu stand out from the crowd with Joe Delucci’s! Whether you’re searching for the perfect vanilla gelato to pair with hot desserts; want to explore unique flavour combinations like Peanut Butter and Chocolate; or are still on the hunt for the perfect brownie – we have the dessert solution for you! Restaurant groups across the country trust Joe Delucci’s to provide them with wholesale desserts and food service desserts that customers simply cannot resist.

UK Dessert Supplier For Dessert Parlour

Wholesale dessers For Dessert Shops and parlours

We understand that dessert shops are on the hunt for a wholesale dessert supplier that can provide reliable deliveries and premium customer service that they can rely on. Joe Delucci’s is proud of our dedicated customer service team’s ability to build strong client relationships that truly take the hassle out of ordering desserts wholesale. That means less stress for you, tastier products for your customers, and improved profits for your business.

UK Dessert Supplier For Hotels

Wholesale Desserts for hotels and eateries

Transform your hotel or eatery’s menu and sales performance with Joe Delucci’s! We believe that dessert should be a non-negotiable course that should never be skipped, which is why we create wholesale desserts that will tempt your customers into ordering an extra sweet treat. Whether you’re wishing to upgrade your room service menu, drive more revenue through food and beverage orders, or need to find a new your wholesale dessert supplier – Joe Delucci’s is here to help.


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“Working with JD’s has been incredibly beneficial to our business, not only do they provide a first-class gelato, they also support the whole back office set up ensuring stock and staff levels are 100% correct and full at all times. The team are always available to assist with last-minute solutions if required. I am in no doubt, that the branding and theatre of the JD’s retail carts, has helped us achieve in excess of a 200% better revenue than forecast. We will definitely continue to build and expand our JD’s offering going forward!”

– General Sales Manager (The Shard)

“You can really taste the fresh and natural ingredients that go into all of Joe Delucci’s creations, and their range of non-dairy and gluten-free products is absolutely fantastic!”

– Executive Head Chef (The Alchemist Bars & Restaurants)

“A big thank you to all at Joe Delucci’s for making the difference in our pubs. Great feedback and a point of difference for our customers. Love the product.”

– Owner (Lovely Pubs Group)

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