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8 out of 10 people prefer Joe Delucci’s Gelato!

Certified independent audited research results of 200 people.  

Joe Delucci’s gelato has been the ice cream supplier of choice to restaurants, dessert parlours, hotels, cafes and gastro pubs across the UK. We are delighted to provide gelato wholesale to upmarket restaurants at UK landmarks, high-street restaurant groups, and popular bar chains throughout the country.

Catering to a wide range of clients, Joe Delucci’s consistently provides high-quality products, a reliable delivery service and outstanding customer service.

We deliver remarkable Italian ice cream directly from our HQ in Warwickshire (anything from 8 tubs to bulk ice cream orders) to customers across the UK. Joe Delucci’s wholesale ice cream is also available nationwide through our preferred distribution partner:

Brakes Wholesale Supplier

Your business’ success hinges on the quality of your services and products, and by providing the finest products you can boost your brand’s reputation as well as your profit.

We understand the pressure many businesses experience in finding wholesale ice cream suppliers that help you strike the balance between meeting your strict budgets to guarantee profits, whilst not sacrificing product quality and experience. With astonishingly good gelato, you can earn yourself the 5* reviews that can catapult the reputation of your business, attract and retain more customers, and boost your profits.

At Joe Delucci’s, we are passionate about providing remarkable wholesale gelato and dessert products that don’t jeopardise your ability to make a profit – after all, your success is our success!

The gelato of choice for uk ice cream vendors

Wholesale Ice Cream - Restaurant Group

Wholesale Ice Cream supplier For Restaurant groups

Find out how Joe Delucci’s can provide remarkable wholesale ice cream for your restaurant group, optimising your profits and keeping your customers coming back for more.

Wholesale Ice Cream - Dessert Parlour

Wholesale Ice Cream supplier For UK Dessert Shops

We supply our 40+ flavours of delicious gelato to dessert shops across the UK. Find out how we can help make your dessert parlour a success and delight your customers.

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Wholesale vegan ice cream supplier

We provide a wide selection of wholesale ice cream flavours to cater for dietary requirements and preferences, so you can meet all your customers’ needs without compromising on flavour.




Boost Your Revenue With Exceptional Gelato

As one of the UK’s most trusted leading ice cream suppliers, Joe Delucci’s exceptional gelato has been transformative for dessert menus across the country, with 80% of taste testers selecting it over competitor brands. But what makes our gelato stand out from the crowd? We pride ourselves on unrivalled flavours, and are firm believers that your customers can truly taste quality. That’s why only the finest ingredients make their way into a scoop of Joe Delucci’s gelato, and we proudly use No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives across our entire product range. 

We seek out the finest, natural ingredients without compromising on flavour, making dessert an unforgettable experience for your customers.

High-quality gelato can have a significant impact on your business. With less than half of customers opting to order dessert with their meal, many businesses are missing the opportunity to upsell and gain extra revenue through their dessert offerings.

At Joe Delucci’s, we believe dessert is non-negotiable, because it’s the last thing your customers taste. With our gelato we guarantee you’ll leave a delightfully sweet lasting impression ensuring your customers keep coming back for more! Simply put, exceptional gelato gives your dessert menu the opportunity to shine, which means more orders, more profits, and happier customers.

Why choose gelato over ice cream?

Investing in high-quality gelato can be game-changing for your business. Gelato provides a more premium experience for your customers thanks to its authentic Italian origins, and seeing ‘gelato’ on a menu evokes a far more luxurious impression than simply seeing generic ‘ice cream’, thereby piquing the interest of many customers. 

As a premium ice cream wholesaler, our gelato doesn’t just sound luxurious but is created using more complex methods and premium ingredients than your typical wholesale ice cream. You’ll find less buttercream in our gelato when compared to your generic ice cream, making it a far healthier and less stodgy addition to your menu, contributing to its moreish quality which bodes well for businesses looking to boost revenue through repeat orders and customer retention. Gelato is also mixed in a way that sees less air enter the mixture, with most gelato containing 35% air compared to the 50% of air that can be found in ice cream. It’s no wonder Joe Delucci’s customers rave about how creamy and smooth our gelato is – we’re an ice cream wholesaler that quite literally provides more ice cream per scoop!

What can Joe Delucci’s do for your business?

Looking for trustworthy suppliers for ice cream that go above and beyond? We don’t just stock delicious wholesale ice cream – we provide high-quality ice cream supplies to offer your customers the fully-fledged Joe Delucci’s experience. Whether you’re searching for a new ice cream wholesaler, in need of storage freezers, the perfect pairing coffee, or simply the best chocolate sprinkles to place on your best-selling gelato, we’re is here to help you make your dessert business successful.

These accompanying ice cream supplies can be provided to you alongside wholesale gelato to make designing your dessert offerings a breeze. What’s more, by purchasing your additional ice cream supplies alongside your gelato wholesale, you can drastically slice your bulk shipping costs and increase your profit margins whilst providing a high-quality gelato product that your guests can’t get enough of.

ice cream suppliers you can trust

While Joe Delucci’s gelato, ice cream and sorbets provide your customers with an unrivalled taste experience, the customer service team also provides each of our clients with an unparalleled business relationship that they can rely on. We go above and beyond in ways that larger ice cream wholesalers cannot – as a smaller business, Joe Delucci’s team of gelato lovers are able to spend their time getting to know each and every client, responding to their feedback, and providing a friendly, familiar point of contact for queries and orders. Our dedicated team spends time understanding your product needs and delivery schedule, which allows us to provide a reliable leading wholesale service that keeps your freezers stocked. We don’t just deliver gelato and ice cream products – we deliver a comprehensive Joe Delucci’s experience.

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Over 70 million scoops of ice cream served!!!

All 40+ flavours are

Vegetarian Ice Cream Supplier

our range of wholesale Gelato & sorbets also includes

Fat Free Ice Cream Supplier
Vegan Ice Cream Supplier
Non Dairy Ice Cream Supplier
Gluten Free Ice Cream Supplier

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“Working with JD’s has been incredibly beneficial to our business, not only do they provide a first-class gelato, they also support the whole back office set up ensuring stock and staff levels are 100% correct and full at all times. The team are always available to assist with last-minute solutions if required. I am in no doubt, that the branding and theatre of the JD’s retail carts, has helped us achieve in excess of a 200% better revenue than forecast. We will definitely continue to build and expand our JD’s offering going forward!”

– General Sales Manager (The Shard)

“You can really taste the fresh and natural ingredients that go into all of Joe Delucci’s creations, and their range of non-dairy and gluten-free products is absolutely fantastic!”

– Executive Head Chef (The Alchemist Bars & Restaurants)

“A big thank you to all at Joe Delucci’s for making the difference in our pubs. Great feedback and a point of difference for our customers. Love the product.”

– Owner (Lovely Pubs Group)

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