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Joe Delucci’s gelato is an exquisite treat on its own, but why stop there? Indulge yourself and your customers with a vast range of high-quality dry goods, sundries and accompaniments. They’re guaranteed to elevate your dessert offerings, boost your opportunities for upselling, and add some fun to your menu. So, next time you order your favourite wholesale gelato from Joe Delucci’s, why not opt for some add-ons with your delivery?


Who doesn’t love sprinkles on their scoop of artisan Italian gelato? Not only do they add a beautiful, colourful variety to your dessert offerings, but they provide extra texture and flavour to any dessert. In our experience, not many customers can deny themselves the special touch of a handful of sprinkles!

However, Joe Delucci’s sprinkles go above and beyond to add that extra dash of flavour and texture to your gelato offerings. We don’t just offer the classic Bubblegum or Tutti Fruity sprinkles that our customers love so much – we also serve exquisite crumb options! Our Lotus Biscoff crumb is a firm favourite with our customers, and adds a rich, biscuit-like taste and texture to every mouthful of gelato. We certainly recommend this option for those looking to add some extra bite to their classic Vanilla gelato order. For our chocaholic customers, we serve our Oreo crumb. This delightfully moreish crumb is best enjoyed with our creamy Chocolate gelato, but also pairs well with any plain or classic flavour that you wish to add a cocoa twist to. The combinations and possibilities are endless with our crumbs and sprinkles!

joe deluccis sprinkles
joe deluccis ice cream tub


Looking to serve your desserts in style? Ask us about our range of utensils and containers, including:

  • Tubs
  • Spoons
  • Straws
  • Milkshake cups and lids
  • Napkins

Joe Delucci’s will ship your utensils and containers alongside your gelato order, so you’re never left without a tub or a spoon to serve up your tasty gelato. It’s convenience at its finest!

Joe Delucci's syrup


What’s a dessert without sauces and syrups? Not only are sauces and syrups a fantastic opportunity to upsell, but they give your customers the opportunity to customise their dessert order to their personal tastes, making them more likely to order a scoop of ‘Deluccious’ gelato.

Looking for a fan favourite syrup? Opt for the classic Chocolate or Caramel sauce! Looking to make your mark and stray outside of the box? Try our unique flavour options such as White Chocolate & Hazelnut, or Pistachio sauce.

Joe Delucci's coffee


Although hard to believe, not everyone enjoys gelato – at least not all the time. But you can still offer something spectacular to your customers who may not be in the market for a frozen dessert, or who want to enjoy a catch up over a hot drink during their visit to your establishment.

That’s why we proudly supply Tomba’s coffee grounds to our clients who want to add greater diversity to their menu and ensure that each and every customer finds something they enjoy.

Joe Delucci's macaron


Our partner company, Boom Macaroon, are experts in creating beautiful hand-crafted French macarons that make a welcome addition to any dessert menu. These French treats pair beautifully with our Italian gelato, with each macaron adding a delightful texture that accompanies the creaminess of our frozen dessert offerings. Elevate your menu with classic Vanilla, Chocolate and Pistachio macarons, or add some quirky tastes with Speculoos, Violet and Salted Caramel – there’s a macaron pairing suitable for any establishment, and any dessert. Whichever flavour you choose, these dainty delights are sure to bring a smile to your customers’ faces.

joe deluccis cone


US frozen dessert giant Baskin Robbins conducted a survey in 2017 which unveiled that over one quarter of their customers enjoy eating their ice cream from a cone. After all, it’s the most classic means of indulging in your favourite dessert, and also allows you to eat the ‘container’ your gelato comes in – we call that a win-win! That’s why we take pride in providing the perfect cones and waffles to enjoy with your Joe Delucci’s gelato. Whether you’re looking for the perfect plain waffle cone, or want to offer something extraordinary with our chocolate-dipped or sprinkle-covered cones, you’ll be sure to serve up something your customers will love.

But what if you want to enjoy your gelato on top of a crisp, fluffy waffle? Fear not – we supply them, too! We’ll provide you with our premium waffle mix so you can create the perfect sweet, warm base for our ‘Deluccious’ gelato. All you’ll need is a waffle toaster…et voila!


Simplify your next wholesale desserts order with Joe Delucci’s! Grab everything you need: from gelato to macarons, syrups to spoons, cups to coffee – all in one place! Get in touch by completing the form below to receive our most recent dessert supplies price list. 


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“Working with JD’s has been incredibly beneficial to our business, not only do they provide a first-class gelato, they also support the whole back office set up ensuring stock and staff levels are 100% correct and full at all times. The team are always available to assist with last-minute solutions if required. I am in no doubt, that the branding and theatre of the JD’s retail carts, has helped us achieve in excess of a 200% better revenue than forecast. We will definitely continue to build and expand our JD’s offering going forward!”

– General Sales Manager (The Shard)

“You can really taste the fresh and natural ingredients that go into all of Joe Delucci’s creations, and their range of non-dairy and gluten-free products is absolutely fantastic!”

– Executive Head Chef (The Alchemist Bars & Restaurants)

“A big thank you to all at Joe Delucci’s for making the difference in our pubs. Great feedback and a point of difference for our customers. Love the product.”

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