Our Flavours

With 40 flavours and counting in our deluccious roster of gelato options, you’re spoiled for choice at Joe Delucci’s!

Throughout our seventeen years in business, we’ve curated some of the most exquisite gelato flavours that keep customers coming back for more. Made with the finest ingredients sourced from specially selected Italian suppliers, each and every scoop of Joe Delucci’s gelato provides the quintessential Italian dessert experience that is remarkably nostalgic, moreish and memorable. All of our gelato options are vegetarian, and we also proudly provide vegan and dairy free options, sorbets, classic flavours and combinations you won’t find anywhere else – you’re guaranteed to find something you and your customer base will love!

Our Classic and Curious Gelato Flavours

Whether you’re looking for the best Vanilla on the market, or a rich Chocolate gelato that’s the cream of the crop, Joe Delucci’s has you covered. We’ve mastered the art of turning generic flavours into exceptional taste experiences thanks to our traditional Italian manufacturing techniques paired with the finest ingredients – these are classic flavours as you’ve never seen them before! Indulge in our acclaimed Strawberries And Cream gelato, fall in love with our simple staple Classic Cream, or opt for the traditional Vanilla and Chocolate options.

For a more unique flavour experience that will set you apart from the rest, consider a bite of one of our curious flavour combinations. Take your customers’ taste buds on a journey with a scoop of our moreish Peanut Butter And Chocolate gelato, our striking blue Bubblegum gelato, or our quirky combo of Blood Orange, Lemon And Carrot gelato.

Our Fat Free Gelato Flavours

For those keeping a close eye on their diet, cholesterol levels and calorie intake, a fat free gelato option can be a welcome addition to your menu. Our Fat Free flavours have all of the creamy gelato goodness that you’d expect from a Joe Delucci’s product, but without the fat. All of our Fat Free gelato options are based on fresh fruit flavours that provide all of the sweetness and creaminess of a gelato or sorbet without adding fat. Add a scoop of our Fat Free Fruits Of The Forest gelato to elevate your latest summer fruits cheesecake, use our Lemon gelato as a refreshing palette cleanser, or enjoy the zingy flavour of our Blood Orange gelato as a stand-alone dessert.

Our Vegan And Dairy Free Gelato Flavours

Many customers choose to avoid dairy products or any animal products in their diet, which can hugely restrict what they can consume at restaurants, hotels, cafes and dessert parlours. That’s why Joe Delucci’s offer exceptional vegan and dairy-free options that can be eaten by anybody, regardless of their dietary needs or preferences.

We converted our best-selling Coconut gelato into a remarkable vegan variant at the request of our customer base, allowing everyone to enjoy a taste of Hawaii. We’ve even made our Dark Chocolate gelato dairy free and vegan, because nobody should miss out on the incredibly rich and nostalgic taste of cocoa! Even our refreshing Mint Choc Chip gelato is suitable for vegans and those with dairy intolerances, as well as all of our Fat Free fruit based sorbets. There truly is something for everyone.

Gelato is universally loved, and should be accessible to all, which is why Joe Delucci’s is dedicated to providing flavour options for every set of taste buds and dietary requirements.

If you are looking for more information on the flavours Joe Delucci’s offers, or you are looking to cater to specific dietary needs and are looking for gelato options without egg, alcohol, nuts, soya and gluten, download our flavour guide below: