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In the heart of the UK, at an uber secret Michelin starred location, the team at Joe Delucci’s met up with esteemed chef Mike Bullard to explore just some of the infinite ways you can utilise our exquisite gelato to craft irresistible desserts. Whether you’re a chef looking for inspiration for your menu, seeking new avenues for your hotels, a dessert shop owner seeking the best flavours or simply searching for ideas to bring into your kitchen, these are desserts you simply won’t be able to say no to!

Meet Mike Bullard

But first, who is the man behind these dessert creations? Mike Bullard works as Head Chef at a private members club, and has been working in the food industry since a young age. Over the years he has accumulated a number of awards, most notably the Craft Guild of Chefs Award for Banqueting Chef of the Year. Mike also spent some time in New York working for Le Bernadin (three Michelin stars), Per Se (three Michelin stars) and the Breslin (one Michelin star). So, it’s safe to say that Mike knows good food when he sees it!

The Power Of Gelato

When we met with Mike to discuss the many ways he enjoys implementing Joe Delucci’s gelato into his menus, one thing became abundantly clear – gelato is exceptionally versatile. It can be the star of the show in a dessert as the main ingredient, or a perfect accompaniment for something more complex. It pairs exquisitely with chilled fruits and cakes, as well as hot desserts. With Joe Delucci’s extensive range of over forty flavours, Mike was spoiled for choice when we asked him to create six premium, restaurant-worthy desserts using our smooth and creamy gelato. What he came up with blew us away, and our team had a whirl of a time devouring the dishes he presented to us. 

As a creamier, richer alternative to ice cream, gelato has been a firm favourite in chef’s kitchen’s across the globe. Simply put, chefs and diners alike can taste the difference in ingredient quality and authentic production method when it comes to Joe Delucci’s gelato, which can complement, complete and elevate any dessert. For chefs with passion like Mike, the provenance of every single ingredient and component is extremely important in creating a dish that stays with customers long after they leave the restaurant.

Dish One: Elegant Fruit Salad with Mascarpone Gelato

Mascarpone gelato is a firm favourite across Italy, and provides a wonderful backdrop to allow the flavours of seasonal fruits shine. Perfect to finish a meal without the bloated feeling afterwards.

Dish Two: Carrot Cake with Salted Caramel Gelato

A classic pairing of elevated carrot cake with our ever popular Salted Caramel Gelato – the ideal combination of style and authentic flavour and a perfect addition to a winter or Christmas menu.

Dish Three: Vanilla Crème Brûlée with Pistachio Gelato

Featuring a huge pistachio content and one of our most popular flavours with chefs across the UK, this timeless dessert takes on a twist with the addition of Pistachio gelato. A truly unique taste of Italy.

Dish Four: Lemon Tart with White Chocolate and Raspberry Gelato

Busy kitchen? Simply prepare a lemon tart in advance and add a scoop of our iconic White Chocolate and Raspberry Gelato. The creamy gelato pairs beautifully with the zesty sharpness of a lemon tart, making this is ideal for busy kitchens.

Dish Five: Gelato Sundae

Gelato sharing sundaes are popping up on menus across the UK – they’re simple to put together, quick to craft, and appeal to diners of all ages. Mike shows us how to combine Banana, Peanut Butter & Chocolate with classic Vanilla to create a crowd pleasing sharing dessert. Swap in any flavours you have available to make something truly unique!

Dish Six: Rum Baba – with Fruits of the Forest Gelato

Boozy, scrumptious and ideal for delighting your guests, this rum baba really packs a punch! Joe Delucci’s indulgent Fruits of the Forest Gelato crafted in Italy by gelato experts brings a fruity twist to this flavoursome dessert that perfectly balances the potent rum without overpowering it.

Discover Our Wholesale Gelato Magic

Has all this talk of exquisite gelato got your mouth watering? Do you think your menu could benefit from authentic Italian gelato manufactured just a stone’s throw from Lake Como? We have a gelato for every occasion, every dish, and every diner – from gluten, fat and dairy free options, to our famous vegan gelatos, and moreish sorbets. It’s no wonder that chefs, owners and sourcing teams across the UK have placed their trust in Joe Delucci’s for all their gelato needs. Get in contact with our team below to discover the joys of wholesale gelato with Joe Delucci’s!