Make Your Dessert Parlour Aesthetically Pleasing

Dessert parlours were relatively unknown to British consumers a decade ago, and yet in 2023 there is a dessert shop on almost every high street. As such, competition to draw in customers and earn regular clients can be difficult, no matter how delicious your dessert offerings may be. That’s why many dessert shops are prioritising aesthetics to lure in customers and encourage them to stay for their Instagrammable desserts, quirky interiors, and premium customer experience. If you’re looking to make your dessert parlour stand out in an increasingly crowded market, here are four things to take into account to create a dessert destination that looks as good as it tastes…

Boost Your Branding

Your dessert parlour’s aesthetic should be inextricably associated with your branding – in fact, your storefront should be the ultimate representation of your brand identity. This goes beyond merely sticking to a colour scheme and including your logo throughout your establishment. Your dessert parlour should represent the vision of your brand in physical form.

Is your dessert parlour all about bringing homemade recipes that have been honed for generations to the public? Is your business all about using quirky ingredients and flavours to push the boundaries of the taste buds? Is your parlour bringing a modern twist to classic British desserts? Whatever sits at the core of your brand identity, be sure to infuse this into the bricks and mortar of your store to create clear and consistent branding and messaging.

Choose An Aesthetic Theme

Cohesion across your dessert parlour décor will not only help you to convey your branding and core messaging more clearly but will boost your ability to organically attract interest via social media. Your business will start to be recognised and associated with its aesthetic theme, and customers will be encouraged to visit your storefront to take Instagram-worthy photos that not only look good on their feed but serve as a form of advertising for your business too.

Will your establishment be known for its rustic feel that makes your customer’s feel at home with your warming dessert options? How about creating a quintessentially feminine destination with selfie booths, flower walls and pink accents? Or will your parlour be sleek and modern, a perfect example of 21st Century minimalism? No matter which theme you choose, make sure you implement it across every corner of your parlour and your online presence to make your store picture perfect.

Create A Welcoming Entrance

Not all of your customers will be influenced to visit your dessert parlour thanks to your well-curated Instagram feed or by word of mouth – many will simply be walking down their local high street or exploring a new town or city and will stumble across your dessert parlour coincidentally. When this happens, it is vital that your store entrance is as inviting as possible to encourage passers by to wonder in, browse your menu, and make a purchase. Here are a few ways to liven up your entrance and make it more aesthetically pleasing to attract more customers:

  • A-Boards are a fantastic way to attract the attention of passers-by. They provide you with an opportunity to advertise your business, any limited time offers or opening events that encourage potential customers to explore your business further
  • Banners are a simple yet effective way to boost the aesthetic of your storefront to those passing by. They indicate to consumers that your store is open and can be a great way to advertise any promotions such as a store opening or sale. Be sure to create a banner that is clear and concise, and is positioned for optimal viewership
  • Outdoor menus are a fantastic way to attract customers. They are an aesthetic tool that demonstrates that you are open for business and provide you with an opportunity to present potential customers with an insight into what your establishment is about, what you specialise in, and what kind of customer experience you can offer. This also allows you to continue to advertise your business even when you’re closed

Break The Mould

Dessert parlours are becoming more commonplace on UK high streets, meaning that it is becoming increasingly difficult to make yours stand out from the crowd. With lucrative franchises such as Creams and The Little Dessert Shop being an obvious choice for those with a sweet tooth, it is important that your dessert parlour offers something unique and different from your competitors to pique the interest of prospective customers. Don’t be afraid to break the mould with your dessert parlour’s design or aesthetics – look at the design of your competitor’s restaurants and try to offer something special that sets you apart from the rest. Do your competitors offer vibrant flower walls, floral accents and eccentric colour schemes? If so, why not opt for a more country aesthetic that focuses on cosy, homemade desserts in a rustic environment? This will form part of your parlour’s USP and help you stand out from the crowd.

The Joe Delucci’s Difference

Planning a renovation of your dessert parlour? Or considering opening up the ultimate destination for those with an insatiable sweet tooth? Joe Delucci’s is here to help! We don’t just supply dessert parlours, hotels and restaurants with the most exquisite gelato this side of Lake Como, but we offer guidance and advice for those looking to boost the appeal of their dessert shop. Whether you’re looking for assistance in getting your parlour off the ground, creating the most aesthetically pleasing storefront possible, or want to find quality in a growing market, get in touch with our friendly team of gelato afficionados below: