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Brand advocacy is an exceptionally effective way to spread the word about your business, attract more consumers and establish trust within your brand. Whether your customers are telling their peers about the fantastic experience they had at your store, sharing reviews online, or commenting positive messages on your social media accounts, brand advocates provide a sense of credibility to your business which can encourage more people to purchase from you or visit your venue. But how can you turn your customers into valuable advocates of your brand? Here are four ways to get your customers talking about your brand – for the right reasons!

Incentivise Their Reviews

If your business is looking to grow and reach a broader audience, you’ll need to spread the word about how brilliant your establishment is. You may resort to using paid advertising to do this, which could constitute anything from billboards to a spot in your local newspaper or social media advertising. However, earned advertising such as customer reviews and word of mouth are far more beneficial for businesses, with earned media driving four times the brand lift that paid media does.  

Many businesses choose to incentivise reviews – both digital reviews and referrals to friends and family – by rewarding customers for their efforts. This can constitute a loyalty scheme wherein customers are given points or perks for sharing their honest thoughts and opinions with others, following your business on social media, or buying a certain number of products, or even entry into a wider prize draw for those who leave reviews. This can give your visitors a reason to visit your establishment again and spread the word about how brilliant your business is, thereby making your customers avid advocates for your brand.


Many customers choose to share their experiences with a brand online on various social media platforms. However, businesses tend to be promoted more broadly across social media if they have an appealing aesthetic that stops users from scrolling and implores them to explore your business more. Create opportunities for your customers to snap photos within your establishment – from flower walls to photo booths, quirky décor to bold colour schemes, there are plenty of ways to make your business as social-media friendly as possible. You could even encourage your visitors to share their snaps on social media by setting up competitions for the best in-store photograph, or by placing messages on your menus that remind your patrons to share their experiences online. This is an effective form of brand advocacy which builds upon the urge your customers may already have to grab a photo of your businesses’ unique aesthetic. It also extends your brand’s reach by spreading the word to your customers’ social media connections, boosting acquisition as well as retention.

Increase Brand Visibility

If you are a business owner, you shouldn’t ignore the power of social media. Whereas your storefront may be seen by hundreds or thousands of passers by every day, your social media accounts are accessible to millions of people, all of whom could be your future customers. With 67 per cent of consumers stating that they would purchase an item advertised to them on their social media feeds, it is vital that you enhance your brand presence online to reach as many customers as possible, and to interact with your existing customer base.

Your customers will be more likely to become advocates of your brand if they are able to interact with your business on social media. Whether you’re promoting a competition to win a year’s supply of your product, reposting your customer’s snaps of your venue, or thanking them for their review, your customers will feel a stronger connection to your business if their interactions with your business are reciprocated. This can make each person feel heard, important and valued by your business, increasing the likelihood of return visits to your establishment and continued support via social media.

An Unparalleled Experience

If you provide your patrons with an experience that they won’t soon forget, you’ll be well on your way to making them a keen advocate for your brand. You have to give your visitors an experience that they’ll feel compelled to tell others about – perhaps your customer service team provided exceptionally friendly service, your servers gave your customers thoughtful recommendations, or the interior design of your establishment was particularly Instagram-worthy. Whatever it may be, make sure your business sets tongues wagging, because 92 per cent of individuals trust word of mouth recommendations from family, friends and peers, making this one of the most impactful forms of customer advocacy – and it’ll cost you nothing!

Better Brand Advocacy For Your Dessert Business

Here at Joe Delucci’s, we provide far more than the best gelato this side of Lake Como – we share unparalleled dessert business expertise with all of our clients so that their business can thrive. We are passionate about your success and believe that customer advocacy is one of the most effective ways of reaching more people, boosting the visibility of your business, and accelerating your growth to reach your goals.

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