Hotel food suppliers

Covid-19 undoubtedly hit the hotel industry, as would-be travellers were confined to their homes, work trips stopped being a priority, and family vacations were put on hold. Even as lockdown restrictions have eased and society has returned to a level of ‘normality’, the hotel industry is still struggling to get back to its feet, with the global tourism industry experiencing a revenue hit of 34.7% since the pandemic. This has made the importance of ancillary revenue streams such as food and beverage sales even greater, with businesses recognising that they can maximise their profits by providing accessible, delicious and high-quality food and drink items for their visitors.

Your Menu Reflects Your Business

When it comes to impressing your customers and maximising your profits, your menu is far more important than you think – it is a direct reflection of your business, your standards and your values. After all, would you expect generic store-bought gelato at the Ritz?

In order to maximise your potential to attract customers, upsell menu items and encourage return visits to your hotel, it is vital that you curate a menu that truly stands out and demands attention from your customers. Your hotel food supplier sits at the heart of your edible offerings and plays a critical role in providing you with the products that will help you maximise your profit. When choosing the right hotel food suppliers to maximise your profit, you should search for a business that prioritises reliable service, unmatched quality, and products you can feel proud to serve to your customers. Here’s why:

Does Quality Food Maximise Your Profit?

In short – yes! Quality and profit are inextricably linked, with customers being more likely to pay a premium price point for a product they deem to be of superior quality. Whether this constitutes ethical sourcing, premium ingredients or healthier attributes, there is a wealth of data suggesting that customers will happily fork out more on food products that they deem to be high quality. As such, if you’re looking to maximise your profits by improving your food offerings, prioritise finding a hotel food supplier that can provide you with products that truly taste premium.

Better yet, offering premium products can contribute to brand loyalty and advocacy – in short, if your consumer has a positive experience at your hotel eatery or room service, they will be more likely to return in the future and recommend your establishment to peers in person or online. In fact, one in eight visitors will post a food review after their meal has concluded, which means that superior food quality is paramount in guiding customer perception of your business to reap long-term rewards. Positive experience with your hotel room service or in-house restaurant increases the likelihood of you making a significant profit, as one good meal can transform into long-term return custom, free referrals and online recommendations that convert more individuals into paying customers. If you run a chain of hotels it may also mean that customers seek out your venues over other unknown brands when visiting different places. The value of a good meal truly is vital for your hotel business!

What Do Your Customers Expect?

Whether you’re providing premium in-house restaurant services or speedy room service options, your customers expect you to provide an experience that they won’t soon forget. So, in order to maximise your profit, you have to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Choosing the right hotel food supplier for you is vital in meeting these customer expectations – your supplier is key in delivering quality and value to your business in a timely fashion according to your delivery schedule. Any slip from your hotel food supplier can be detrimental to your hotel business and reflect poorly on your ability to provide the level of service and stock your customers expect. Nobody wants to order their favourite dish to find it doesn’t meet their quality expectations, or to be told that their chosen menu item isn’t even available due to short stock.

In the same vein, your hotel food supplier should not just be able to provide you with timely deliveries, but with appropriate quantities at the right times to ensure that you always have stock available to delight your customers without wasting product and money. The global hotel industry produces 79,000 tonnes of food waste per year, with European hotels being the worst culprits. By choosing the best hotel food supplier for your business, you will be able to ensure that your deliveries are not only on-schedule, but more accurately estimate the quantity of product you will need, which means that you only pay for what you’ll use and don’t waste money on products that will go uneaten.

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