Choosing the best ice cream brand

Searching for the best ice cream brand to supply your café, restaurant, hotel or dessert parlour? Your customers deserve the very finest ice cream products to provide them with a dining experience they won’t forget – but how do you find the best ice cream brand in the UK?

Simply put, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to the question ‘what is the best ice cream brand in the UK?’. Every business searching for their ideal ice cream supplier will have a unique priority, whether it be competitive pricing, outstanding quality, inclusive dietary options, or weird and wonderful flavours. In this piece, we’ll be guiding you through the points you ought to consider to help you find the best ice cream brand in the UK to supply your business.

What Do You Look For In An Ice Cream Brand?

To find the best ice cream brand in the UK to supply your business, you should first understand what type of business you want to support. Are you looking to use big-name brands across your dessert menu that will be reliable and familiar to your customer base? Or will you be opting to support a small to medium business? Ice cream from smaller businesses will provide your menu with a more artisan feel, and they will be more likely to supply unique flavours that you won’t find anywhere else, giving them a niche feel that cannot be replicated by big name ice cream brands . With smaller brands such as Joe Delucci’s, you are able to establish strong and lasting relationships with your ice cream supplier – we listen closely to our clients and implement their comments and feedback to improve our services and product offering, which may be more difficult if you are purchasing from a larger corporation.

Understand Their Ingredients And Manufacturing

For those looking to provide an authentic dessert experience that goes above and beyond your competitors, it is imperative that you understand the provenance of the ice cream you are serving. Many brands choose to opt for products made locally or using locally sourced ingredients, whereas others seek an ice cream that is sourced from the homeland of gelato – Italy.

Furthermore, if your business is conscious of using the finest ingredients on the market in each and every dish, it is important to find an ice cream supplier that shares the same philosophy. Research suggests that your customers are becoming ever more aware of the ethics surrounding their consumerism, with 6 in 10 young consumers closely scrutinising a brand’s ethics and values prior to purchasing from them. Therefore, having consistent morals and values, and utilising a dessert supplier that affiliates with these ideas, is becoming increasingly important to your consumers. Search for an ice cream supplier that uses natural colourings and flavourings – similarly, if you run an establishment dedicated to offering only organic food, or vegetarian food for example, try your best to find a brand that aligns themselves with these ethics.

Find A Brand With Options For You

Speaking of flavour options, the best ice cream brand for your business is one that can provide you with all of the flavours you need to suit your customers’ requirements. In all likelihood, not all your customers will have the same taste preferences, dietary needs or allergies, which is why you should aim to accommodate as broad a segment of your customer base as possible.

Over the past few years, consumer behaviours in the food and beverage industry have changed significantly. 14% of Brits claim to follow a vegetarian diet, and 2.5% describe themselves as being vegan, with some predictions suggesting that these numbers could double by the end of 2023 alone. On top of rising numbers of vegans across the UK, it is believed that one in ten adults suffer from lactose intolerance, making the consumption of dairy products such as ice cream less accessible unless dairy free alternatives are made available. As such, the best ice cream brand is one that can act as a one-stop shop for all of your dessert needs – from vegan to vegetarian options, and gluten-free to dairy-free choices.

Do The Taste Test

Researching ingredients, brand values and flavour options is all well and good, but nothing beats a taste test. This allows you to truly step into your customers’ shoes and experience what each brand has to offer. You should be looking for the best ice cream brand to provide you with a flavour experience that stays with you, even after you’ve finished dessert. Many brands, including Joe Delucci’s, will happily provide businesses with samples of their products to try at their own leisure. We recommend trying your chosen ice cream products alongside your existing dessert dishes to determine whether the flavours complement one another properly. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Does your vanilla ice cream balance out the sweetness of your chocolate brownie, or is it too overpowering?
  • Does your sorbet act as a good palette cleanser, or does it lack tartness?
  • Does your ice cream work as a stand-alone dessert, or does it only work when accompanied by other desserts?

Ultimately, if your ice cream choice doesn’t leave you craving a scoop more, you’ve probably not found the best ice cream brand to suit your needs!

Searching For The Best Ice Cream Brand In The UK?

Let us introduce ourselves…

Here at Joe Delucci’s, we are proud to supply our authentic Italian gelato to cafes, hotels, restaurants and dessert parlours across the UK.

With a list of over 40 flavours to choose from, including classic options and some weird and wonderful combinations, Joe Delucci’s is guaranteed to have flavours to suit your customer base. We’ve even curated speciality vegan options of our best sellers, as well as a variety of dairy-free, gluten-free and fat-free options to appeal to every set of taste buds and dietary requirements. Want to know more? Fill in the form below and one of our friendly gelato afficionados will be in touch!