You’ll be pressed to find someone that doesn’t enjoy gelato in some shape or form. Whether you’re a lover of a classic scoop of Vanilla, the cooling and fresh Mint Choc Chip, or a Neapolitan combination – everybody knows their favourite gelato flavour. In fact, we’d place a bet on you having a half-eaten tub of ice cream sat in your freezer right now! But why is gelato so universally adored, and what makes it the nation’s favourite dessert?

The Science Of Gelato

There may be a scientific basis for why gelato is so adored, with the milk in ice cream being able to help us produce more serotonin thanks to a protein called a-Lactalbumin, and can even help us regulate our dopamine production. What’s more, gelato can remind us of nostalgic beach holidays from when we were children, brilliant birthday parties, and special pastimes, making us feel like we are receiving a truly special treat when we indulge in our favourite frozen dessert. Its ability to provide us with a sensory throwback makes gelato one of the most adored foods around the world.

Gelato – The Perfect Accompaniment

Gelato forms an integral part of most desserts – whether you’re indulging in a classic ice cream sundae, want a cold addition to your hot brownie, or simply wish to enjoy it on its own, gelato is the perfect solution. Most dessert menus will include some form of ice cream, whether it is adding a sprinkling of ‘delucciousness’ to an existing dessert option or being served individually, making gelato the cornerstone of most restaurant, hotel and dessert parlour kitchens. It’s no wonder that gelato has become such a popular dessert as we see it pop up next to our favourite cakes and cookies so often, providing a scoop of frozen goodness to compliment almost any pudding.

There have been multiple polls investigating what the nation’s favourite dessert may be. The Sun claimed that sticky toffee pudding was the UK’s favourite, whereas apple crumble was hailed top of the polls by Delicious Magazine, and Breville claimed our favourite sweet treat was the classic Victoria sponge. However, one thing is for sure – no matter what your favourite dessert may be, gelato is the ideal accompaniment. It can add textural diversity to cakes and crumbles, and a cool element to hot desserts like classic sticky toffee pudding and warm brownies.

No Dairy? No Problem!

Part of gelato’s appeal isn’t just its delicious flavour and creamy texture, but the fact that you can enjoy it regardless of your dietary preferences and requirements, making it a universally appealing dessert choice that justifies its well-earned title as the nation’s favourite. Studies suggest that approximately 65 per cent of the population have some form of lactose intolerance or issue digesting dairy products, not to mention the millions of people across the globe that follow vegan diets and choose to avoid animal products. Thankfully, gelato can be adapted to exclude dairy, making it a fantastic dessert option for those with unique dietary needs. At Joe Delucci’s, we are proud to not just offer a variety of dairy free and vegan sorbet options, but adapt some of our most popular flavours to exclude dairy. We’ve created a delectable vegan Coconut gelato, an intensely rich Dark Chocolate gelato, and a moreish Mint Choc Chip gelato, all without dairy, so that whatever your needs are you can enjoy a scoop of the nation’s favourite dessert.

What Gelato Flavours Top The List?

Now we’ve determined that gelato is the (ice)cream of the crop when it comes to desserts, which flavours do we like the most? It’s no surprise that Vanilla has been found to be the most popular gelato flavour according to a survey conducted by supermarket giant Ocado, followed by classic Chocolate and Strawberry, making a Neapolitan top three. Some more unique flavours also featured on the list, from Coffee gelato to Raspberry flavoured ice cream which lends itself more to a sorbet texture. Here’s the complete list:

1. Vanilla

2. Chocolate

3. Strawberry

4. Mint Choc Chip

5. Caramel/Salted Caramel

6. Rum and Raisin

7. Pistachio

8.  Raspberry

9. Coffee

10. Cookies and Cream

The Joe Delucci’s Difference

With decades of gelato production and distribution under our belts, we are proud to be dessert afficionados. You can find us serving scoops from our dedicated storefronts, distributing to UK restaurant chains, or supplying dessert parlours across the country with the perfect accompaniment to their cakes and cookies. If you’re looking for a gelato to transform your dessert menu, want to explore the benefits of wholesale gelato, or simply wish to enquire about our range of flavours, contact our friendly team below: