The Benefit Of Quality Gelato For Hotels

You’ve invested in premium décor to create a recognisable aesthetic, designed rooms that are both functional and stylish, and you’ve hired staff that you trust to bring your hotel vision to life – why slack when it comes to your dessert offerings? At Joe Delucci’s, we see the difference high-quality gelato can make to a business and can help create a hotel stay that is unparalleled in brilliance for your customers from start to finish. After all, if you’re putting time, effort and funds into every other aspect of your business, your food should be no exception. Here’s why a quality gelato can transform not just your hotel’s dessert menu but can be the difference between a ‘good’ and a ‘great’ stay at your establishment.

The Power Of Quality

Whether you’re a small, independent hotel or a renowned chain, your aim in business is likely the same – to create an experience for your visitors that keeps them coming back for more. But standing out against your competitors is no easy feat, especially if you want to make your customers feel truly special and appreciated. That’s why quality is so important, especially regarding food. After all, if you’re creating a menu that is intended to reflect the luxury of your establishment, the quality of each and every bite of food better be supreme to meet and exceed your customer’s expectations. Unlike a main course, dessert is often deemed as an optional addition to a meal, meaning that it has to be worth extending your meal time and forking out money for, which a high-quality product like authentic Italian gelato can help justify.

Making It Memorable

It’s also worth remembering that although your guests may be the primary consumers of your food, you will likely encounter walk-in diners that simply wish to dine at your restaurant without the overnight stay. Unlike other aspects of your hotel, such as your rooms and facilities, your food offerings are open to the general public, providing an even greater opportunity to make your mark with your remarkable desserts. By investing in premium quality desserts that stand out against the crowd, you can transform your restaurant into a key revenue stream for your business, making it a place that both visitors and locals are eager to return to time and time again for their favourite gelato treat.

The Last Thing You Taste

Your guest’s stay may only last a few nights, but their memories of your hotel will last them for years to come, which is why it’s so important to leave an impression that makes them want to return for more. What better opportunity than to leave them with the ultimate last bite at the hotel restaurant in the form of exquisite gelato? We abide by the mentality of chef Daniel Boulud, who views a meal as a crescendo that ought to be completed and rounded off with something sweet and decadent that leaves your diners’ sweet tooth feeling satiated and their meal experience feeling complete.

Whether your menu calls for a palette cleanser to cancel out any strong residual flavours from the meal, a classic gelato option to include in sundaes or with brownies, or a bizarre taste that your customers have never experienced before – Joe Delucci’s gelato has the option to suit every set of taste buds. Our range of flavours extends from staples such as Vanilla and Chocolate to refreshing sorbets and unique flavours that will add a twist to your menu (has anyone tried Tiramisu gelato before?). For more information on why Joe Delucci’s gelato is the perfect addition to your hotel’s menu, contact our team below: