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2023 offers an abundance of new opportunities, with many of us considering our new year’s resolutions to set ambitious goals for the months ahead. Whether you’re trying to eat healthier, read more books, or learn a new skill, 2023 offers a new blank page to begin anew. One of the most common new year’s resolutions we’ve been hearing is from budding business owners looking to set up shop in the coming months and make their business plans a reality in the New Year. As your favourite dessert connoisseur, Joe Delucci’s is here to help you take the plunge into the world of business ownership, especially if you’re keen to open a brand new dessert parlour in 2023. So, why is 2023 the best year to make your dessert shop dreams a reality?

Dessert Shops Are Rising In Popularity

Firstly, dessert shops are becoming staples of the British high street, popping up across most towns and cities in their droves.

This can be attributed to the popularity of cooking shows such as the Great British Bake Off, paired with the supposed decline in British pub culture, which makes dessert shops an obvious destination for younger people. The nature of dessert shops being open late also gives them a unique selling point, especially for university students and partygoers looking for an alternative to the classic kebab shop. Evidence suggests that we crave sweet foods late at night as opposed to savoury options as the sugar can help us stay awake!

However, we advise that you evaluate your business options sooner rather than later before the retail space becomes too competitive, and create a unique and exciting dessert shop to differentiate yourselves from competitors, as many other budding business owners may be considering the same move into the confectionary and desserts shop sector thanks to its surge in popularity.

Dessert Spend Is Increasing

The general public’s expenditure on desserts and post-meal confectionary has grown, with 45% of customers now claiming to order dessert with their meals rather than 43% in 2019. It seems as if there is a greater appetite (if you’ll pardon the pun) for sweet treats, as people are more prone to treating themselves to an affordable luxury every now and then in times of economic downturn.

This may not make too much sense – after all, the UK is in a recession – however, consumer habits in times of economic distress aren’t all doom and gloom for new businesses. The Boston Consulting Group undertook an analysis of consumerism and expenditure during recessions, and their research indicates an increase in spending for some demographics who refuse to compromise on product quality, with many consumers perhaps making a point to treat themselves and stay for dessert, or making an effort to support independent businesses wherever they can. BCG also discusses pent-up demand from the pandemic, indicating that 2023 may be rife with residual feelings of wishing to make up for lost time, which may exacerbate consumer habits and result in a boost in demand for dessert parlours.

More Tools For More Success

Compared to 10 years ago, or even 5, there are plenty of digital tools available to make starting a small business as easy as possible. From accounting software to organic social media marketing, the ability to build websites for free and use online courses to learn about business practices at your leisure makes starting your own business more accessible than ever. Nowadays, even start-ups and new businesses can utilise automated digital services to increase demand for their products and boost sales: from online reservation platforms for sit-in diners, to home delivery apps that broaden your consumer base to those staying indoors, and even digital rewards programs to ensure a supreme experience for your most loyal customers – there is something for every type of dessert shop. It’s no wonder 2023 is looking so promising for new businesses.

The Joe Delucci’s Difference

With such an appetite for high quality products at exceptional prices, here at Joe Delucci’s we’re confident that we can work alongside your dessert shop to create amazing results for your new business. We don’t simply specialise in gelato (although our gelato is exceptional) – we provide freezers, tubs, cones and sprinkles, as well as brownies and macarons from Boom Macaroon, to help your dessert store stand out from the crowd. This makes us your one-stop shop for everything delicious (or deluccious, as we say here), with our fan favourite frozen treats being staples across dessert shops, cafes, and restaurants across the UK.

For more information on how Joe Delucci’s gelato can give your new business a boost for the New Year, or to enquire about our famous flavours, contact us here.